1. You may not intentionally submit incorrect images or incorrect work. Your account will be deactivated without notice if you intentionally commit wrong actions or submit incorrect proof of work.
2. You can open 1 account from one router or one device. If you have multiple accounts from one WLAN or one device and the account is blocked, workedbd will have nothing to do.

3. You cannot verify multiple accounts with one ID card. If someone submits multiple accounts for verification with one ID card, the account will be closed without any notice.
4. staring at the duty, aiming to the comments section of the duty provider's YouTube channel "Coming from workedbd" / "Payment" / or comment exploitation any offensive language, the account is also prohibited.

5. If the satisfaction level drops below seventy fifth you'll tend a warning with a seventy two hour temporary ban. And if it happens once more later, it'll be a permanent ban.

Note that the workedbd team does not ban accounts for any reason. We tend to move forward together with your faith and love. Driving your cooperative angle forward evokes US! You should keep in mind that there are bound square measure bound things for which workedbd will not take responsibility. The app must own an animated web affiliate for the app's bound functions. The affiliation may be Wi-Fi, or may be provided by your mobile network provider, but the workedbd app cannot be held liable for not working with full practicality if you do not have Wi-Fi access and do not have any information allowance remaining. .

If you’re exploitation the app outside of a vicinity with Wi-Fi, you ought to keep in mind that your terms of the agreement together with your mobile network supplier can still apply. As a result, you will be charged by your mobile supplier for the value of knowledge for the length of the affiliation whereas accessing the app, or different third party charges. In exploitation the app, you’re acceptive responsibility for any such charges, together with roaming information charges if you utilize the app outside of your range (i.e. region or country) while not turning off information roaming. If you're not the bill money handler for the device on that you’re exploitation the app, please bear in mind that we tend to assume that you simply have received permission from the bill money handler for exploitation the app.

Along an equivalent lines, workedbd cannot continually take responsibility for the means you utilize the app i.e. you would like to form certain that your device stays charged – if it runs out of battery and you can’t flip it on to avail the Service, workedbd cannot settle for responsibility.

With relevancy workedbd responsibility for your use of the app, once you’re exploitation the app, its necessary up-to-date in mind that though we tend to end eavour to confirm that it's updated and proper in the slightest degree times, we tend to do think about third parties to supply data to US in order that we are able to build it accessible to you. workedbd accepts no liability for any loss, direct or indirect, you expertise as a results of relying all on this practicality of the app.